Dark clouds in the paradise


Today the sun didn’t wake us up, instead we were welcomed by rain. Nevertheless, inspired by creativity, enthusiasm and pumped up with caffeine, we managed to work on our film project. After a special musical treat by the 17 Hippies and some talented young musicians from Israel, we had time to enjoy Tel Aviv. Exhausted from our trip to Jaffa and the shopping mall in the center of Tel Aviv we enjoyed the screening of the ILanD documentary from last year in the cinema. We are all looking forward to our trip to Jerusalem tomorrow but for now we are going to enjoy the nightlife of Tel Aviv.

2 Responses to “Dark clouds in the paradise”

  1. PeterFl aka "the bandit" says:

    Hello everybody,
    it’s nice to see how Israeli and German people find together via music. I really like it.

    I heard Tel Aviv’s nighlife is famous, isn’t it? How are your experiences?

    According to your today’s trip to Jerusalem I envy all of you since the high religious diversity could be inspiring ….

    Do you have any audio samples which you can upload on this blog?

    @mon petit “i”: Ich mach jetzt Feierabend … der Antrag ist noch nicht fertig … Bisous Peter aka hade öptüm (this is turkish) ;]

  2. admin says:

    Hi PeterFl. We will upload some media (music/video) within the next days. We promise! :)