Exploring the holy city


As the last days were preserved to discover Tel Aviv we today were off to put our focus on one of the oldest cities on earth, the spiritual center of the Jewish people: Jerusalem.

The short nights and the rough schedule of the days before made the majority of us sleep in the bus to the holy city. Under lasting rain and low temperatures we first of all went to the Church of the Resurrection (german: Grabeskriche), which is believed to be the location of the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Afterwards the whole group split up into smaller teams to be able to better discover Jerusalem, that is to say visit the Western Wall (german: Klagemauer), the different quarters (armenian, christian, jewish, muslim) and of course to stroll up and down the streets of this ancient city perhaps buying some souvenirs. Moreover we again had Israelian food for lunch (Falafel) *mmmh*

The second part of our day was preserved for having a guided tour through Yad Vashem, Israel’s official memorial to the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, which turned out to be a highly interesting and at the same time touching experience although we thought to know quite a lot about the Holocaust.

Tonight we are all going to experience an Israelian Birthday-party together with our hosts! *Jehaaaw*

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