Official Welcoming at Ironi Alef


After the eventful first part of our Tel Aviv schedule we all met at the auditorium of Ironi Alef to be officially welcomed by our israelian partner-school.

Ruti, the head of the music department opened the evening, gave a short overview for the following week and introduced the three bands.

Not being used to the low temperatures air conditions can cause in rooms, the need of the German students to be warmed by the sweet sounds of the Cupcakes, the 17 Hippies and Jahcoustix was huge. Although it was the first day in Israel our work already started, which means that 2 film-teams (consisting of Israelians AND Germans) were documenting the band performances as well as the listening crowd.

The Cupcakes, supported by an Israelian bassist had, being the youngest band, the chance to prove their stage-suitability whereas the 17 Hippies (in fact they were only 13 on stage) filled the crowd with enthusiasm, by involving them in their songs. Afterwards Jahcoustix, a solo-musician brought the official part of the evening to an end and at the same time constituted the start for a wonderful night which all German students and their hosts spent together either by having dinner, exploring the city or staying at the beach enjoying the good weather. All in all it could be said that the first day only increased the anticipation of all the participants.

We can not help but impatiently waiting for the concerts!!!

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