Take a look around

Here we go, discovering the unknown city Tel Aviv for the first time. It’s only 10 in the morning and hard to believe for someone who got used to the german autumn: about 25 degree Celsius. The weather seems to be perfect, not too hot, so we were pretty curious when we met our city guide Leora. We started (off) with a short walk to a park which had a view to the military headquarter. Leora informed us about the importance of the Army. According to her it is one of two main factors that influence Tel Aviv. One is the Army, the other one is capitalism. We continued our discovery with walking down the Rothshild Boulevard, one of Tel Aviv’s longest avenues and walked down the Sheikin????whatsoever, a long street full of little shops, cafés and restaurants.

We ended up eating Humus for the first time, near the Carmel Market, an original oriental market, full of chaos and people, but unique in its own way. After that we got enough time to discover this overwhelming city on our own. But honestly and by the way: After hours of discovering we could barely walk…

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