Tel Aviv grooves – A night full of rhythm!


We shared one week full of rehearsals, filming and exhaustion. However the incomparable climax was clearly the big concert of Israeli and German musicians, Friday night at the harbor of Tel Aviv. Eight groups were running the night. Thirty-seven musicians brought in their love for music and gifted the audience by presenting them an unforgettable night.  Ulman and Habanot Nechama set a great start up with moving hurdy gurdy grooves and three strong voices. Followed by the wild rhythms of the 17 Hippies and Boom Pam, the joy of the musicians reached everyone, the crowd was dancing. No sign of exhaustion by the time of Terry Poison with their crazy electronic groves. A little time to “chill out” was given by Jahcoustixs Reggae vibes and individualistic melodies from The M.A.R.S. The closing set belonged to the one many Israeli had waited for: Mook E with his direct lyrics and untamed style.

The concert ended after five hours of music, pure energy and dancing with a session of MookE, M.A.R.S. allstars and Jahcoustixs.  However even though the live music was over the dancing still went on as long as there were rhythms to dance to and feet willing to move: all together audience, press team and musicians.
Come on lets dance inside and outside,
Join the big party.
Celebrate the power of music!

One Response to “Tel Aviv grooves – A night full of rhythm!”

  1. Lea says:

    This night was just awesome! A big “thank you” to all musicians for creating and playing these great sounds!