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Young ILand Trailer

Yesterday we finished our trailer just in time for the screening at the concert in Levontin. Everyone was delighted with this one and we hope you like it too :)

Impressions of a day: Beach, Band and Bright Sun!


A guitar on a tree: shoot it, it looks interesting
Musicians in the sea:  shoot it, its fun
The leadsinger on the roof: shoot it, it looks patheticly great … read more »

A new old instrument


…New relations, new experiences, new music and new old instruments…

Till Ullmann just introduced us to his hurdy gurdy. Students of The Ironi Alef High School had the chance to get to know this strange instrument … read more »

But don’t film too much!


Today we continued the work on our film project. Some of us went out to get some film material of Tel Aviv and interviews with bands, while at the same time another group already started editing the recent material. … read more »

Birthday Party

Last night many of us went out for a spontanous birthday party of two of our israeli friends. Again, another night without sleep. … read more »

“Bar ILanD”

Bar ILanD

… discovered today in Tel Aviv on our walk home from the bus stop.